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All teaching methods are matched to each students indvidual style of learning. Whether you wish to learn just for fun, take exams or develop your technique the lessons will always be relaxed,  inspiring and at your own pace.


Derek's teaching methods are based on those of the great French pedagogue's of the 20th Century who believed that the flute is an extention of your own voice.


All lessons will include some aspects of the following:


* Playing solos and duets from various genres

* Technical Studies

* Aural tests and ear training

* Sight reading, scales and arpeggios
* Music theory and appreciation

* Personal development


Derek specialises in:


* Performance preparation

* Exam preperation for AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity and HSC (Recent HSC students have been in the top 10% of the state)

* Audition preparation



Fife lessons are also available for younger students.


The fife is an excellent introduction for younger students aged from five upwards. It is lightweight and a very cheap option and is a pre-cursor to the flute.


Young fife students will learn the embouchure for the flute as well as learning basic note reading and rhythm. Correct breathing and posture will also be covered when learning the fife.

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