The musical growth of my students depends on many factors. The efficiency of my studio policy is one of them. The following is my studio policy:

FEES: Term tuition fees are discounted and are due on the invoiced date before the commencement of each term. Failure to pay term fees by the due date will incur a late fee of 2.5% of the overdue amount this will be automatically applied 7 days after the due date. The discounted rate is only available for those students paying for either 10/11 lessons for the entire term. Fees can be paid by EFT or online by credit card, credit card payments will incur a 2.9% convenience charge.

ABSENCES: There are NO refunds or credits for absences in which I have not received 24 hours’ notice, except in the case of sudden illness or family emergencies. I will make up ONE excused absences per term, as well as any lessons that I have missed. Please do not reschedule lessons for conflicts with medical appointments, parties, sports, and other such events. These are not excused absences. However, switching lessons with someone else is fine as long as both students contact me and are responsible for coming at the correct time.

DISCONTINUED LESSONS: If a student intends to discontinue lessons, thirty (30) days advanced written notice is required or a full month's tuition fees shall be assessed.

PARENT/GUARDIAN RESONSIBILITY: The parent is to provide an instrument in the best possible condition. If maintenance is required on the instrument, this should be done as soon as possible. The student's attendance at all scheduled lessons is necessary for continued progress, and parents must arrange their schedules accordingly to ensure the student arrives on time for each lesson. While it is the student's responsibility to practice regularly, I encourage parents to help by providing a distraction-free time and place for the student's daily practice, and by occasionally checking assignments and listening while your child plays for you.


STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITIES: The student should arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared, and with all the necessary materials. He/she must schedule, when at all possible, daily practice without distractions.
Please print this page, sign it, and bring it to your first lesson

I have read and agree to the above terms.