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Covid 19 Policy

Shop & Studios - Conditions of Entry (from 11th October 2021)

  • Do not enter if you are not 100% well

  • Fully vaccinated customers only (ages 16 and over) **

  • QR Code check in required

  • Show proof of vaccination to staff on entry (except kids 12 and under) **

  • Face mask required at all times indoors (except kids 12 and under)

  • Maintain safe social distancing 

  • Sanitise hands before touching instruments

  • No swapping or sharing instruments in the studios

  • Maximum shop capacity 5 people

 ** All school-age students are permitted in the Studios from 25th October without proof of vaccination, in line with NSW Schools.  School aged students aged 13+ may not enter the Shop unless fully vaccinated (until 1st December).

Staff Vaccination Policy

All Syrinx Music  staff are required to be fully vaccinated to return to work in our shop and studios from 11th October.

Covid-19 Case Monitoring and Incident Management

To protect our team and community Syrinx Music has implemented the following policies and actions in relation to Covid-19: 

  • monitor and follow the advice of NSW Health with regard to Covid-19 

  • monitor our community of students, staff, coaches and customers for cases of Covid-19 

  • any team member that has travelled overseas or come in contact with a person infected by Covid-19 is required to notify management immediately and self-isolate at home for 14 days; if they develop any symptoms they must see their doctor and follow their advice, including taking a Covid-19 test if required - they must not return to work until give a negative test result and all symptoms have resolved

  • any team member with cold or flu like symptoms is required to stay at home, consult their doctor and only come back to work when clear of all symptoms and given the “all clear” by medical professionals

  • if a case of Covid-19 cases is traced to within our premises, Syrinx Music's management team will immediately establish an action plan based on the advice of Health Authorities which may include a full or partial shutdown for 3 days or more to allow thorough cleaning, contact tracing and testing.

  • keep our team and community informed of changes to our policies and any other matters of importance. \

To ensure safe hygiene and health practices, we have:

  • set up hand sanitising stations throughout our shop.

  • required all customers and students to clean or sanitise their hands before entering our shop or studios 

  • placed signs throughout our facilities to remind customers and students about good hygiene and safe distancing 

  • established strict procedures for cleaning instruments in the shop and studios, before and after being handled by customers

  • prohibited the sharing of instruments, accessories and gear amongst staff, students and teachers

  • equipped all retail sales staff and teachers with face masks, to be used at their discretion when unable to practice safe physical distancing or at other any time when it is practical to do so.

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